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Uutiset, 9.12.2013

Suomi juhli itsenäisyyspäivää Astanassa


Minna Raskinen Minna Raskinen soitti kanteleella Suomen ja Kazakstanin kansallislaulut. Kuva: Akbota Yermekova

Suomen itsenäisyyspäivän vastaanotto järjestettiin Kazakstanissa 5. joulukuuta. Suurlähettiläs Räisänen nosti tilaisuudessa pitämässään puheessa esiin kuluvana vuonna toteutuneen presidentti Niinistön valtiovierailun Kazakstaniin sekä kolmen kazakstanilaisministerin vierailut Suomeen. Hän kiitti hyvästä yhteistyöstä Kazakstanin Suomen-suurlähetystön kanssa.

Puheen englanninkielinen versio on luettavissa kokonaisuudessaan alla.


Esteemed Vice Minister,                    

Honored guests, ladies and gentlemen,It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you and thank you for coming here to celebrate Finland's 96th Independence day with us. This year has been particularly remarkable for the relations between Finland and Kazakhstan. More than seven months ago our President Niinistö made a state visit here.

After that, as both distinguished Presidents share keen interest in developing Green Economy, our Embassy has been quite busy in following up and securing maximum results of that cordial and fruitful visit. In this ongoing work we rely on great cooperation with the Kazakh authorities and the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Helsinki, of which I wish to express my deepest gratitude. Without this, we could not have managed to organize three ministerial visits to Helsinki, all made in around one week's time.

Efficiency is the hallmark of modern diplomacy, and expectations are set high for us to promote ever more trade and investments to both countries. But we should not forget about leisure and relaxation, which are very important for our well-being.

In this respect, we are very pleased to notice that Finland has become a major tourist destination for Russian-speaking peoples. Even for Kazakhs, who can fly directly to Lapland from Astana and Almaty to celebrate the New Year in the land of Santa Claus.

In Astana we are working in close cooperation with our Swedish and Norwegian colleagues. Norway is providing Finnish Schengen visas for Kazakhs. We hear that many tourists come first to Lapland and continue then to fish in Norway.

We have really good Nordic-Baltic cooperation here in Kazakshstan. For example, the Finnish visas in Almaty are obtained in the Lithuanian Consulate, whose work is greatly appreciated. Our strength is cooperation based on mutual respect and friendship.

Dear guests, I wish to convey best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity to each and every one of you and to all the organizations whom you represent, I extend my warmest wishes for the New Year.


Päivitetty 9.12.2013

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